The Irus Evotrak is probably the most capable steep bank mower.

Due to its lightweight Construction and powerful Aero spec 30hp petrol Engine.

It boast’s excellent balance with a very low Centre of Gravity and wide Track footprint.

The Engine and Hydraulic pump systems are carried on a swivel platform maintaining the Centre of Mass and ensuring adequate lubrication.

The machine is small and light enough to be carried in small Van rather than the need to tow a trailer.

Technical Data


Kohler 2-Cylinder air-cooled OHV Petrol Engine 22.4kw (30.5 PS)


Permanent hydraulic drive for both crawler running gears. proportional speed control for each track.

Maximum Speed forward and reverse 0-6 km/h

Track width 1250mm

Max slope 55 degrees (depending on surface)

Radio Range 200 – 300m (visibility range)

Operations available from Remote hand set

Engine Start/Stop


Variable speed

Implement lift and lower

Switchable on and off Power take off

Reversal of operation controls when machine is traveling toward you.

Weight of Tractor unit 640kg